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Thilo's Era Converter Thilo's Era Converter Thilo's Era Converter

Thilo's Era Converter is a Windows tool for coin collectors written by me (Thilo). It converts years from Christian dating (AD) into other dating systems and vice versa. The converted year is displayed with Arabic numerals and with the numerals as displayed on the coin. Combo boxes simplify entering the foreign numerals.

Thilo's Era Converter is free of charge. Please send any suggestions or bug reports to this email address:


This is a small disclaimer for my immunity: The author of this software accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this product and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it.

If not yet done, the .NET-Framework 4 Client Profile will be installed first. All safety warnings of the operating system have to be acknowledged accordingly. The installation of the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile requires administrator rights. The tool and also the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile can be uninstalled via the Windows Control Panel.

For displaying Burmese numerals correctly the Padauk Font can additionally be installed.


only for Windows XP: In order to display Asian numerals correctly additional fonts have to be installed in the Windows Control Panel under "Region and Language Options → Languages".

Install additional fonts for Windows XP


Thilo's Era Converter supports the following dating systems:

AD Anno Domini Christian dating
AH Anno Hijri Islamic dating using lunar years
AN An (Year) French Republican Calendar dating from 22th of September 1792 AD
BA Bangladesh AD dating using Bengali numerals
BE Buddhist Era dating from 544 BC, used in Thailand and Cambodia
CD Cyclic Dating dating according to the Chinese 60-year-cycle using <earthly branch> * 100 + <celestial stem>
CH Guomindang Era dating from 1912 AD = foundation of the Republic of China, used in Taiwan
CM Chula Sakarat Era - Myanmar CS dating using Burmese numerals (requires Padauk font!)
CS Chula Sakarat Era dating from 22nd of March 638 AD, formerly used in Thailand and Myanmar
EE Ethiopian Era dating is about 7 years and 8-9 months behind AD
GE Georgia AD dating using Georgian numerals
JA Japanese Dating dating according to the era of the emperor: 明治 Meiji [Mutsuhito], 大正 Taisho [Yoshihito], 昭和 Showa [Hirohito], and 平成 Heisei [Akihito] are supported
JE Jewish Era dating from 7th of October 3761 BC
JK Juche Era dating from 1912 AD, birth of Kim Il Sung, used in North Korea
JT Jinmu Tenno dating from 660 BC, Tenno Jinmu's accession to the throne
KE Korean Era dating from 2333 BC, foundation of the Korean Empire, formerly used in South Korea
MD Mohammed Death solar years since the death of the prophet on 8th of June 632 AD, formerly used in Libya
ME Malabar Era dating from 15th of August 825 AD, formerly used in Travancore
MO Mongolia AD dating using Mongolian numerals
MS Monarchic Solar dating from 559 BC, formerly used in Iran
MY Myanmar AD dating using Burmese numerals (requires Padauk font!)
NM New Mongolian Era dating from 1911 AD, formerly used in Mongolia
OT Ottoman Empire dating according to the era of the Ottoman sultan (1789-1923)
QI Qing Dynasty dating according to the reign of the Chinese emperor during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912)
RO Roman AD dating using Roman numerals, used in Vatican City
RS Ratanakosind Sok dating from 1781 AD, formerly used in Bangkok
SE Saka Era dating from 3rd of March 78 AD, formerly used in India and Nepal
SH Solar Hijri Islamic dating using solar years, used in Iran and Afghanistan
TD Tibetan Dating dating according to the Tibetan 60-year-cycle using <cycle number> * 100 + <year of cycle>)
TE Tripura Era dating from 15th of April 590 AD
VS Vikram Samvat dating from 18th of October 58 BC, used in India and Nepal

For many dating systems the AD year may correspond to several years of the converted era. In this case, buttons like "-1", "-2", "-3", or "+1" are enabled to adapt the conversion. For Japanese dating these buttons specify the era of the emperor. For Chinese dating these buttons switch the AD year 60, 120, or 180 years back. For Roman numerals the button "IIII" turns off the usage of the subtractive form for the numerals 4 and 9.

Thilo's Era Converter runs offline. An internet connection is only required for updates if the button "Update" is pressed.